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What’s the difference between an audition and an interview, between an actor and an applicant?  Far too often, it’s far too little, realized far too late.  Candidates often say what they think you want to hear, delivering well-rehearsed lines in a manner worthy of an Oscar.

Structured, behavioral, competency-based interviews are the legal, research-proven standard that companies use to separate the frontrunners from the fakes.  WorkSmart makes it easy for you to use legal, proven methods to develop accurate, valid interview techniques.  You’ll learn to conduct a thorough job and task analysis, laying the groundwork for data-driven selection, appraisal, and promotion systems.

We'll help you develop a structured process that steers clear of the vague, biased questions that lead to legal problems.  You’ll get impartial, objective data that provides accurate information regarding the applicants’ “degree of fit” for a position.  

Send us an email with your hiring questions and concerns; we’ll set up a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION Consultation to get you started on a hiring system that provides a 100%-legal, accurate appraisal of your candidates.

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June 9, 2016

Many of us have worked with a bad boss in our lifetime. Remember the micro-manager, the yeller,  the softy, the one who’s never there, and/or the boss who takes all the credit for your work? We've all experienced trials and tribulations working under these leadership styles. "It’s frustrating," we say to ourselves, "but that's life." What if, though, we could somehow magically transform supervisors of this sort into competent, inspiring leaders?

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