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The planning and development of a leadership infrastructure is a critical challenge for nearly every organization.  The success of this process is determined by countless variables, from the validity of your management selection process to your employees’ buy-in of a succession plan.

WorkSmart has the experience and expertise you need to design and implement a winning leadership program.  From benchmarks to boardrooms, our programs deliver the company- and industry-specific management solutions required to capitalize on your leadership potential.

How can we help your company achieve inspirational, industry-best leadership?

  • Recruitment and Selection – identifying, evaluating, and onboarding high-potential supervisors with the emotional intellegence, personality attributes, and social styles found in top-quality leaders
  • Executive 360° Assessments – examining 18 leadership competencies through surveys of bosses, peers, and supervisees, resulting in a report outlining strengths, shortcomings, and strategies to develop critical skills
  • Leadership Coaching - providing the confidential, solution-focused advice and feedback needed to build personal, team, and organizational performance
  • Supervisor Training – preparing new managers for the demands and challenges they will face, from performance appraisals to project management
  • Leadership Program Development - focusing on the design and implementation of a multi-dimensional program, with common components including:
    • Hiring and selection
    • Employee training and development
    • Team building
    • Conflict resolution skills
    • Personal power and responsibility

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June 9, 2016

Many of us have worked with a bad boss in our lifetime. Remember the micro-manager, the yeller,  the softy, the one who’s never there, and/or the boss who takes all the credit for your work? We've all experienced trials and tribulations working under these leadership styles. "It’s frustrating," we say to ourselves, "but that's life." What if, though, we could somehow magically transform supervisors of this sort into competent, inspiring leaders?

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