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To establish and maintain competitive advantage, ongoing analysis and planning are an absolute must.  A “flat” world and rapidly changing global economy make continuous innovation and evaluation a necessity for any high-performing organization.

WorkSmart’s strategic planning specialists will guide you through a process that takes you from industry analysis to outcome measurement.  You’ll develop a compelling map to direct your company’s growth, following our practical, easy-to-follow 10-Step Plan.  You’ll establish specific criteria to guide your investment decisions and allocation of resources, and have the tools you need to accurately design and assess your efforts.

The benefits to this process are considerable, including:

  • Accomplishing goals while avoiding costly and disruptive interruptions
  • Anticipating crises and developing an effective system for responding
  • Increasing employee productivity, commitment, and retention
  • Establishing order that helps workers focus on the organization’s goals
  • Developing a strategic focus for education and training programs
  • Providing a sense of direction that positively impacts how work gets done

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June 9, 2016

Many of us have worked with a bad boss in our lifetime. Remember the micro-manager, the yeller,  the softy, the one who’s never there, and/or the boss who takes all the credit for your work? We've all experienced trials and tribulations working under these leadership styles. "It’s frustrating," we say to ourselves, "but that's life." What if, though, we could somehow magically transform supervisors of this sort into competent, inspiring leaders?

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